The majestic world of crisscut diamonds

crisscut diamonds

There are countless interesting aspects associated with crisscut diamonds, but due to their uniqueness, people don’t really know about them. To begin with, these diamonds present a patented cut that was introduce to the masses by Christopher Slowinski of the ever popular Christopher Designs. This basically leads people to believe that the name of the cut is a reference to its creator, but that notion is wrong. This is because the name refers to the sensational crisscrossed facets that add to the overall beauty and lustre of these diamonds.



The different styles in which crisscut diamonds are available

Now there are four different styles in which a crisscut diamond can be purchased. These are inclusive of Asscher, cushion, round and emerald. The best part about these styles is that these have been uniquely crafted as a means of maximizing on their brilliance, light dispersion and scintillation. Another element that you need to bear in mind is that the cuts found over these cuts are by no means gratuitous considering that all of them have particularly been designed to increase their brilliance.

See the fact of the matter is that crisscut diamonds have gained extensive popularity in the past couple of years because of its elegance and brilliance. The reason why it has come about to be known as one of the best means of cutting a diamond is because of its unique configuration and arrangement of the diamonds that totally glorifies its beauty. This actually plays a major role in in making sure that the overall appeal of the diamond is taken to a completely new level. The facets of the diamond are known to bounce light off each other, which gives it a scintillation and brilliance that just cannot be compared with anything else in the world.

Revel in the true beauty of Crisscut diamonds


Introduced to the world by Christopher Designs, Crisscut diamonds are a true work of art. This trademark of the company was basically designed by Christopher Slowinski and gained immense popularity for their unique appearance. Seriously speaking, when the diamonds arein front of yo, there’s nothingyou can do  except for staring at them. When compared to the other diamonds that are so commonly available these days, the beauty of Crisscut diamonds truly outshines any other.  A wide range of varieties are available which use the crisscut as the primary element. Some of them are:



1. Crisscut Round Diamonds

These basically happen to be one of the latest additions to the fast growing list of crisscut diamonds. AGS ideal triple zero diamonds are used to cut these, and they are known to come with109 facets that add to their overall radiance. The most interesting part about these is that although these have a round appearance, they have 12walls and 12 sides too. The light that creates the sparkled borders is basically broken by the edges.

2.Crisscut Emerald

This design was introduced around fifteen years back and offers everything that sets it a world apart from the rest of its contemporaries. The reason why they gained such immense importance is that of their unique and rare appearance. Their facet configuration is truly astonishing as well.

3. Crisscut Cushion

If you want a diamond that truly ignites the original sparkle of the cushion model then the crisscut cushion diamond is just what you need. Diamond lovers particularly claim to be in love with this outstanding diamond for its unparalleled depth and sheer brilliance.

All in all, crisscut diamonds offer a world of appeal, beauty and depth, all of which are aspects that have helped this cut gain imense popularity amidst those who love and appreciate the endless aspects associated with this glamorous stone.

Crisscut Diamonds – Symbol Of Radiance And Elegance

crisscut diamondsIntroduction:

Diamonds are a perfect way to celebrate every occasion in a person’s life. Since time immemorial diamonds are considered as a symbol of eternal love, adoration and commitment and hence closely associated with weddings. This is because diamonds are strong, beautiful and durable like the tradition of an everlasting marriage relationship. A diamond engagement ring is an ultimate gift. Moreover ancient astrologers strongly believed that diamonds promoted lasting love and warded off witch crafts. The Crisscut diamonds are patented cut exclusively designed and created by Christopher Slowinski of Christopher designs.

What is a crisscut diamond?

The crisscut is a latest cut that reveals the natural beauty of diamond. Christopher Slowinski’s crisscut diamonds are unmistakable in their sparkle, radiance and brilliance. The name does not refer to the creator but rather to the crisscrossed facets that assures the diamond a gorgeous appearance and sparkling fire. The increased number of facets and the manner in which each stone is perfectly cut radiates unequalled brilliance and maximizes its overall beauty. The multiple facets continuously bounce light off to render the crisscut diamonds life, depth, scintillation and magnificence than any other diamond. The company Christopher Designs holds the exclusive design patent and the registered trademark for this special diamond cut.

Specialty of crisscut diamonds:

There are multitude of ways to cut diamonds and to bring out their radiance and elegance. One of the cut that is recently developed with the aid of technology is the crisscut. The cuts are uniquely crafted to maximize their radiance, brilliance scintillation and light dispersion of the gem. Yes, the crisscut facet configuration assures unmatched depth and stunning elegance. Crisscut diamonds possess superb reflective quality and incomparable brilliance to give the beholder a feeling of depth of the diamond. The facets in these diamonds optimize the light reflection thus intensifying its radiance and brilliance.

Styles of crisscut diamonds:

The crisscut diamonds come in four different styles namely the emerald, round, cushion and Asscher. Each of these styles is uniquely cut to bring out their sparkle and splendor. They are specially crafted and designed to increase their brilliance for a bold, beautiful and lasting shine and luster.

1. The crisscut round: This was introduced in the year 2008 as a perfect addition to the crisscut family. Though initially related to the famous 58 facet round incredibly beautiful diamond this one displays a class of its own. It is specially cut and crafted from AGS ideal triple zero diamonds to render a timeless beauty. The crisscross round features 109 facets which shine with unmatched brilliance. Although the crisscut round appears round in shape it comprises of twelve straight walls and twelve sides each perfectly cut that a dozen arrows point flawlessly towards the center of the stone. The diamond’s edges disintegrate the light beautifully to create an illusion of an impeccably scalloped finish. The wider facets created underneath the stone seems to create an infinite glamour and shimmer. With superior performance and incredible sheen they are the perfect choice of women who prefer the traditional round shapes.

2. Crisscut emerald: For more than fifteen years crisscut emeralds have spread timeless beauty and flawless radiance. Crisscut’s truly distinctive facet configuration and arrangement adds to its overall beauty and sophistication. The unique facets continuously reflect light and add to the depth of fire and dazzling elegance that is not present in any other stone. Generally emerald cut rough is used for crisscut, where the extra facets waste a little more rough than is used for the emerald cut. The high demand for the emerald cut diamonds has indeed caused the price of this type of rough to shoot up.

3. Crisscut cushion: The crisscut cushion otherwise referred to as the Old-mine cut was once upon a time the most famous cut diamond. However as there were no set proportions it was very difficult to perfectly match two different stones. This ultimately paved the way for the decline in popularity of these stones and the rise of the more contemporary round cut diamonds. Through years of extensive research and development activities Christopher Designs initiated efforts to revive the cushion’s trademark. By incorporating the crisscut facet configuration they have recreated a distinctive and extraordinary stone with eminence, depth and radiance. Their innovative creation – the crisscut cushion is a symbol of elegance simplicity and expressive style. The internal facet design of the crisscut cushion enhances the fire, brilliance and the richness of the stone.

4. Crisscut Asscher: These Asscher cut diamonds were created by Joseph Asscher in the early 20th century. It implemented the step facet configuration which attracted a person’s eye into the center of the stone to create an illusion of intense depth. However the greatest disadvantage of this stone was that light leaked out of the bottom of the stone making it lose its brilliance and shine. By incorporating the ultimate crisscut facet technology, Christopher Designs have found a solution for optimizing the false perception of depth without compromising on its brilliance and grandeur.

Shapes of crisscut diamonds:

The step cut crisscut diamonds comes in rectangular or octagonal shapes. Generally the step cut crisscut diamond has 77 facets some of which may be crisscrossed in nature. The step cut crisscut diamond is a newer twist to the traditional step cut. Triangular facets are also applied to the steps in the pavilion. The rectangular crisscut diamonds comes in graded sizes and are used mainly in jewelry making. Octagonal crisscuts were mostly preferred as solitaires.


The crisscut diamonds introduced by Christopher Designs refined just how radiant and brilliant a diamond can ever look. Crisscut diamonds are used in the making of rings, bands, pendants, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and many more to say. The technological innovations in this field have helped him create an extensive collection of aesthetically pleasing jewelry incorporating the famous crisscut diamonds. No wonder Christopher Slowinski is globally acclaimed as the amazing inventor, jeweler and artist. His crisscut diamonds are precision engineered to reflect quality, luminance and an eternal glow. Crisscut diamonds inspires a feeling of everlasting love. Yes, Christopher Designs is committed to excellence as each and every piece involves exquisite craftsmanship.

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Diamond Jewelry – Tips for A Spectacular Look

Lily Diamond

braied waring Lily Diamond jules and a white dress

It was said that Lily Diamond are women’s best friends; and what can be better than a combination between diamonds and a wedding, which is supposedly the most memorable event in one woman’s life? However, choosing the most appropriate wedding diamond jewelry is going to be much more difficult than you can possibly think. There are several aspects to take into account, but price is not something to worry about. You have to know that there are several options you can choose from, so you really need to fit your jewelry with your wedding dress and other accessories.


Let’s start with the earrings, but one very important thing you should know from the beginning is that you need to wear only one jewelry piece on your wedding day, to avoid being decorated as a cake! Diamond earrings should always be pretty and refined, as they do not need to be observable in any way. Remember that your hair will cover them anyway, so you should never opt for the largest possible earrings. Small Lily Diamond are the best in this case, because they look prettier and they will not make you look extremely sparkly.


The simpler the dress, the simpler your earrings should be, as this is anyway the purpose of a wedding. Even though colorful Lily Diamond might seem much more attractive, it is better to avoid them, particularly if you do not want to be in the spotlight in an inappropriate manner. That said, keep everything simple – diamond earrings are beautiful when they are properly fitted with the rest of your outfit, as they are meant to complement it only.


Diamond rings are also very representative for weddings, especially because they may be a common symbol of loyalty and femininity. Unlike the rumors spread about women, Lily Diamond and the undying connection between them, the truth is that you should only opt for those jewelry pieces that correspond to your taste. For instance, a Lily Diamond ring with a crisscut cushion cut will be much better than any other option, because this one has more facets and it glistens every time light hits it. If you choose crisscut cushion Lily Diamond, give up any other jewelry or accessory you plan to wear on your wedding day.


Smaller rings, which are usually less expensive (therefore it, the bigger the Lily Diamond, the higher the price), will always make you look simple, yet feminine, but without highlighting your physical traits in an inappropriate manner. Opt for the size and form you want, as these two aspects are incredibly important – if you plan to wear Lily Diamond earrings, try to fit them as well as you can!

Lily Diamond accesories

Lily Diamond bracelets may also be suited for your wedding, but it would be better to avoid them if you plan to wear a ring. Note that, the more jewelry pieces you will wear, the worse you will look. Not even Kate Middleton wears so many accessories for one outfit, not to mention that your budget would not allow you such an investment anyway. If you do not plan to wear a ring on your wedding day, stick to a tiny bracelet, with a small diamond occupying the spotlight place.


Colored Lily Diamond can be a good option when it comes to bracelets, as they can bring that hint of color that can emphasize certain parts of your outfit in a better way. Red is better than other colors, but a combination between blue and white will also be suited, given the fact that these two colors can be representative for a woman. Replace blue with pale pink only if other element of your outfit, like the wedding bouquet, includes this color.


Bracelets should always be thin and light, preferably made of silver instead of gold, because they will look much more sophisticated and will keep the harmony in your wedding outfit. Gold fits when at least one element of your outfit includes colors like orange or yellow, otherwise this is simply out of the question.


As mentioned above, price should not be a reason of worries, especially because a wedding is an event occurring only once, supposedly, in a woman’s life, so spending a few hundreds of dollars on jewelry should not be that incredibly much. However, avoid making your purchases from unknown retailers, because you risk getting scammed and this is definitely the last thing you want. Famous stores are not good either, so you should simply go to a local jewelry store that sells diamonds. There will always be a specialized person to offer you advice and answer your questions!


If you plan to wear a Lily Diamond ring, engrave it – this will allow you to wear it every single day of your life and always remember about your wedding day as being the most beautiful one from your entire life. Many jewelry stores will also offer you this option, but do not just go for it if your budget is not very permissive. A few dollars spent this way may be more important than you can realize, so this is why you should choose a small ring for an affordable price – it will not cost you very much and, on top of that, you will always be capable to engrave it.


The final words should be: enjoy your wedding! Regardless of the Lily Diamond jewelry you choose, bear in mind that the most important thing is enjoying the most beautiful moment from your entire life. In other words, jewelry is just a way to make you look better, but it will not matter that much after you become your man’s wife. If you choose good jewelry, you will be able to wear it on other occasions as well, which is an excellent deal for your budget and money. Beautiful Lily Diamond jewelry is always expensive, so do not expect paying very low rates, because this is not likely to happen ever. You can also ask an expert’s advice if you are not completely sure about your choice, but always think about what you plan to wear on your wedding and you will know what jewelry to choose further.

Organizing a Wedding

organizing a weddingOrganizing any type of wedding can be a monumental task. Getting everything together and keeping them running smoothly is one of the main goals and objectives. Therefore, the bride and groom can look forward to a wide variety of different projects that require great attention to detail. From choosing the wedding invitations to ensuring there is enough food available for all the guests, organizing a wedding can be both time consuming and expensive. In fact, whoever is responsible for getting things together has to make sure that they know who is on first at all times. Listed below are some of the most common activities that should be reviewed, evaluated and followed thru prior to the wedding date.


Cost of the Wedding – Establishing a Budget


Before the actual organization can begin, the bride and groom should make sure that they have a wedding budget established. Though some brides may have the cost of the wedding covered by their parents, this is not always the case. In either event, every wedding should have a budget allotment to work from. The budget that is established should cover a wide variety of different things including the cost of the wedding reception. In fact, this experience is normally one of the first large financial ventures that the newly wed couple will engage in. Which means, they must be prepared to agree and disagree amicably.

To save money in the planning stage, the couple should follow the planned price guidelines strictly. However, one of the top tricks to this trade is to always maintain a reserve of 20% of the total budget. By using this wedding organization strategy, the wedding planner can use this perimeter to assist with controlling the overall costs. This will also save the bride and groom from haphazardly spending money frivolously or needing more money from family and friends to complete all of the wedding plans.


Wedding Theme


Once the budget has been established, one of the next steps in the planning stage is to choose a specific wedding theme. The wedding theme can be selected from a wide diversity of ideas. From choosing a traditional wedding theme to selecting a more modern day theme, the bride and groom can combine their visions or utilize the one that the bride has dreamed about since childhood. This theme will be used in creating everything including the invitation cards and the menu that’s served. If the bride decides to be authentic, all of the guests that will attend should also be warned in advance. This will allow each guest to prepare for an unusual party. Traditionally, the theme or concept of the actual wedding can be easily seen in the invitations.

Choosing the Wedding Invitations


Most professional wedding planners recommend making custom invitations. By making custom invitations, the bride and groom can control the price. When dealing with a limited budget, this is a great place to save and reduce the overall cost of the wedding. Many times couples will search online for invitation templates so that they can customize their own invitations. Customizing invitations will also provide the bride to display their unique ideas. Though the bride may start off with a template, they can always ask for assistance from professional designers.

Going to the Courthouse

In addition to creating invitations, the bride and groom should visit the registry office. To complete this task, the couple will need to apply for the license, pay the state’s fee and wait for the ascribed period of time (bride and groom should check with their local authorities so that they will know the requirements). After the license has been received, the next step in the process is to make sure that the wedding date has been set. This date will also be used on the invitations that the couple designs.

Facilities for the Wedding and the Reception


In addition to choosing the date, the couple should also select the place that they want all of the activities to take place. While some couples may need more than one place for the wedding and the reception, others may prefer all of their activities to take place at one location. Whether the venue is in a church or at a hotel ballroom, these decisions can range greatly based on the couple, their finances and their preferences.

Selecting the Menu

Another place of creativity is the type of menu that the guests will be exposed to. Though some couples may want finger foods only, others may want to serve their guests a full course meal. These decisions are also normally made on the cost of serving each and the type of food that the bride and grooms wants to serve. Quality and quantity will also depend on the caterer that is hired to prepare the occasion. Therefore, it is important for the couple to shop around prior to making a decision.

Keeping Track of the Wedding Cost


Keeping track of the wedding cost is also an essential requirement of planning a wedding. So, whoever is responsible for overseeing the overall plan must track the expenses as they go. From spending money on all of the flowers to recording the cost of the reception, every penny should be accounted for at all times. If the amount of money that is being spent goes over the allotted budget, the couple should always be informed. When the couple is kept informed properly, they can make the necessary changes immediately. When warranted, they may decide to increase or decrease the allotted budget at any time. This should be accomplished, however, without compromising the overall quality of the wedding and the reception.

Each stage of organizing a wedding is often an awesome responsibility for all involved. From sending out the wedding invitations to planning the reception, there are a lot of details that goes into organizing any wedding. One of the first things that should be done is establishing a reasonable budget that can be used. This budget will be used for everything associated with the wedding planning and sometimes much more.

The Importance of a Quality Wedding DVD

wedding dvdweddingYour wedding is one of the most important days in your life. There is a reason as why people go over board while others spend months and even years planning for their big day. A wedding marks a marriage which is an important mile stone that you should strive to remember forever. It is the day when two soul mates are joined as one hence the need to get a quality wedding DVD to document it.

In this case, it is advisable that the couple see to it that they hire the best and most reliable professional for this event. If you are not well conversant with professionals in this specialization, you can seek help from your wedding planner who is likely to know some of the best companies/ individuals in the market. A quality DVD will bring a tear to your eye every time you watch the wedding video.


1. Capture the Moments

It is the combination of all the bits of beautiful segments on the wedding day that go into making a quality wedding DVD hence the need to capture them all in to one film. Photographs simply capture the images but a quality video will capture so much more. This way, you have a chance to relive the laughter, conversations, cheers, songs, dancing, menu and generally, the excitement of the gathering. There is no better way to keep memories alive than playing them in real life as many times as you want. A good quality wedding video will make you proud of your big day and all the events that took place. This additionally applies to all those that attended the event and have a chance to view the wedding DVD and relive that special day.


2. Share the Memories for Generations To Come

The wheel of life keeps moving and before they know it, the young couple starring on the wedding DVD will be proud parents. Soon after, their young ones will be all grown up with families of their own and this is when memories mean the most.

With a high quality wedding DVD, the couple has a chance to show their off springs their wedding day events. Showing their children and grand children their extended family members in attendance will be pure bliss; no one can ever have enough of these happy moments.

Sharing the memories also comes in handy for the couple in letting their children understand how and when their beautiful family came to life. It is also a great opportunity to show the children their extended family members years later which is exciting for them as they get acquainted with their roots.


3. A Sneak Peak Behind the Scenes

A high quality wedding video captures all the meaningful details/ activities that occurred during the wedding and not only the bride and groom’s activities. It features sneak peaks of the caterers hard at work, the guests streaming in for the wedding, little children playing around, the bridal party getting prepared for the big day, wedding planners busy decorating the venue and long lost friends and family reuniting at the wedding.

All these are memories worth capturing and it seems more real in videos unlike in still photography. The couple gets to see all the work that went into making their big day such a success. This is worth more than anyone could ever imagine.


4. Vote of Thanks and Well Wishes from Guests

Most wedding videos have a special wedding message for the couple from friends and family in attendance. This special segment concludes the video and the main event that occurred on that special day. It acts as the signature to the video. Hearing the people you love most wish you bliss and success in marriage and life is bound to bring tears to anyone’s eyes. Looking at their sincere and loving facing while recording a message especially for you will reassure you that you are indeed loved and adored. It reminds you of why you invited them in the first place; because they have your best interests at heart.

Such a segment on your wedding video will come in handy if you decide to send thank you cards to your invited guests. It will give a chance to compliment them on their outfits, quote certain words they said to you and other tiny details that you would have normally forgotten if not for the quality wedding video.


5. Value for Money

A high quality wedding DVD will give you good value for your money. A high quality video is well edited to only include the best and most memorable details of the wedding. A good quality wedding video is also clear with sharp images that portray every single detail in view. An amateur or low quality wedding DVD will make watching the clip a dreaded thought and leave you very disappointed which should never be the case. Investing in a professional will ensure that the good memories last for a life time.


6. Gives People Not In Attendance a Chance to View it

As much as you’d have wanted everyone in your life to attend your wedding, some will have missed out for one reason or another. If this is the case, they have the opportunity to view the wedding DVD to get first hand view/experience of all the events, excitement and people that went into making the day a total success. The best part of it is that you can show the DVD to as many people and as many times as you’d like or even make several copies for them. All this can easily be done without affecting the quality of the wedding DVD hence convenient.


High quality wedding DVDs are the best way to go as far as maintaining and reliving your wedding day memories and events is concerned. Hiring a professional to handle your photography and video shoots will make every view renew your wedding day experience over and over again. You can even hand the video over from generation to generation in order to keep the memory alive. The beauty of a wedding is well portrayed through a high quality wedding DVD.

How to Achieve the Perfect Wedding for You and for Your Partner

the perfect weddingA perfect wedding is indeed an ultimate goal after a long journey of a relationship. Lovers wanted to have an ideal marriage because they want to feel and experience their special day together with their loved one. If you are already in a relationship and would like to contract a marriage, then it would be better if you will create a good plan for that special day. Planning for an ideal wedding flow is really a challenging part for you, for your loved one and for your family as well. It is because it needs a lot of focus in order to achieve a great and a grand wedding for your special someone.

In planning for your wedding, of course, there are lots of important considerations that you have to take. Planning for this event is really the first factor that you need to prioritize so that you can make sure that the flow and the results of it is really successful. As you plan for your wedding, you have to take these essential considerations:

· Budget for the wedding – First and foremost, it is very important to know your budget and be able to create a layout or lists for all your expenses. Listing all your needs for your wedding can give you a certain speculation about the normal flow of the wedding during the day. Of course, your budget must be apt for all the things that you need to use for your wedding. All the added costs and any change in your plans must be included in your budget. For you to save out of a huge cost, you should strictly follow your plan for all the costs. As a suggestion, it is better to have a reservation of 20 percent in your total budget. It is because there are some instances that you might experience from overrunning of expenses. At least, this could help you in controlling the costs and in any emergencies.

· Invitations for the wedding – After preparing the budget for your wedding, you have to arrange the wedding invitations. Of course, your wedding invitations must be prepared based on your expected guests and visitors. It is very advisable that you will make your own invitations so that you can make sure that you will come up with something unusual and which will be according to your taste and preferences. Aside from that, creating your own invitation can save you from a higher cost. For you to do a creative and very presentable wedding invitations, you just need to look for some invitation templates in the internet. There are lots of sites that can provide you with a nice template for your wedding. Then, you can just create your unique idea out of their examples.

· Concept or Theme for the wedding – A concept or a theme for your wedding could be very unusual too. You can think for everything you want so as to have a very romantic moment during the day. Usually, wedding concepts and the theme of it are described and included in the invitations.

· Selecting for the Venue of the Ceremony and the Reception – The venue of the ceremony and the reception must always be included to your plan. You can choose any places where you want to conduct a ceremony. The venue might be in a church, beach, garden or any romantic places that you prefer. Aside from the venue, reception after the wedding must be taken care as well. It is recommendable to choose a reception venue which is only adjacent to the venue of the ceremony so that everybody can feel free to go after the wedding ceremony. At least, all your guest and visitors can easily reach the reception place after the wedding.

These things and considerations which were cited above can greatly help you on how to achieve the perfect wedding which you are aiming for. So, don’t forget to follow those things while you are planning for your wedding or prior to the day of your wedding. Any plans for the wedding can be possibly changed depending on the budget which you will use for the day. So, as much as possible, you need to prepare a suitable budget before setting up a wedding for your special someone.

Some people want to make sure that their wedding day would be very special for them. So, for them to achieve the perfect wedding that they want, they are hiring a wedding planner who can help them. This planner must know how to manage the flow of the wedding including the proper budgeting, the designs and themes for the wedding up to the wedding reception.

Hiring a Wedding Planner for your Wedding Day

If you think that hiring a wedding planner can help you to achieve the perfect wedding that you want, then you can probably look for someone who has a specialized skill on it. Choose a person who can exemplify all the great ideas for your wedding day. Make sure that you can find the best one who really knows about the event so that you will end up of a successful wedding day.

Getting a wedding planner could be a great idea for those people who have an ample amount of money for their wedding. If you think you can handle all the things and processes for your wedding day, you don’t need to provide yourself with a planner. This is only to ensure that you will be aided with an expert towards a successful occasion.

Some Things to Know for the Perfect Wedding

A great privilege and a responsibility are waiting for you once you are already thinking for marriage. Getting into this situation is really a sort of accountability for both partners. So, think well and plan everything before you take into this level of relationship. See to it that the perfect wedding which you are aiming for will be achieved once you started to arrange everything for that day. Solicitation of some pieces of ideas and advice from your parents, relatives and friends is a must towards a good relationship and a great flow during the wedding day.